Gontse Kekana

Software Engineer

In this project I followed in the footsteps of the brillant programmer John Carmack and wrote my own version of Wolfenstein 3D. As a graphic programming project, Wolf3D enabled me to solidify my skills in this area: windows, colors, events, fill shapes etc.

My mission was to write, using the ray casting technique, a 3D representation of a maze in which a player can find his/her way.

Once I achieved this goal I worked on textures, a timer and double buffering in order to optimize the gameplay. I wanted to add weapons, enemies, secrets, sounds, music, etc but that would need a whole gaming studio so kept it very simple.

Wolf3D is a remarkable playground to explore the playful practical applications of mathematics without having to understand the specifics. John Carmack is undoubtedly a genius. He was one of the first programmers to think about these applications and remains famous for them today. With the help of the numerous documents available on the internet, I used mathematics as a tool to create elegant and efficient algorithms.