Gontse Kekana

Software Engineer

The representation in 3D of a landscape is key in modern mapping. For example, in these times of spatial exploration, to have a 3D representation of Mars is prerequisite condition to the conquest of this planet. As another example, comparing various 3D representations of a zone where tectonic activities are important can allow us to better understand these phenomenon and their evolution, allowing us to be better prepared.

I decided that it is a good idea for me to practice this concept and modelize in 3D some magnificent landscapes, imaginary or not...

While I was working on this project I discovered the bases of graphic programming, and in particular how to place points in space, how to join them with segments and mostly how to observe the scene from a particular point of view.

I also discovered my first graphic library: miniLibX. This library (developed internally at WeThinkCode_) musters the minimum necessary to open a window, light a pixel and deal with events linked to this window: keyboard, mouse and "expose". It was for me an opportunity to begin a programming "events".